Tracking Your Fitness with this Dance Workout App

How often do you exercise and how many calories do you burn per workout? If you don’t know the answer to this, maybe you should try changing your strategies. Luckily for you, there are new applications designed to keep you in shape by reminding you when you have or haven’t worked out.  All you need to do is set your goals for the week and how many times you want to workout.  For example, if your goal is to workout 4 times a week and do 20 minute dance sessions at a time, you can program your application to remind you on the days you have set to workout.


The app will also give you motivational and inspirational sayings to keep you encouraged even on those days you don’t want to.  The best part is that you can sync the app to go off with music you already have on your playlist and that means you need to start dancing as soon as your phone goes off.  There is even an option to disable you from being able to turn off your phone, that means you HAVE to dance even if you’re not in the mood!  Make sure you create playlists that will get you off your feet and swinging your hips away to the beat. For me, that is country music. I have loved square dancing and line dancing since I was a kid, especially with elements of tap and a touch of blues! I also use the app to track the workouts I do with the new workout program called Country Heat by Beachbody which is guaranteed to get you burning calories and sweating away!  All you need to do is workout for 28-30 minutes a day to a workout video that will teach you all the moves to make you the most popular and best dancer at the next night club you go to! Or if you are shy to dance in public, it’s the best way to shake your booty in the comfort and privacy of your living room or basement!

Using these dance apps will not only be a fun way to unlock certain features and watch your phone character slowly get in shape, but you’ll be able to keep yourself on track and not go days and weeks without exercising.  Some people have all the discipline in the world and others need that extra push and shove to really go that distance to reach their goals.  Also keep in mind that you need to have a clean diet while working out because otherwise all your progress can be undone if you wolf down an entire pizza or apple pie.  Trust me, we have all done it! But unless it is Christmas, or your birthday, try to control yourself.  Do your country dance workouts, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol unless it’s the odd glass of wine on occasion.  Push yourself and you’ll watch the calories burn away!

Weight Loss Software and Games for Fun Fitness!

When losing weight, it can be super boring. I for one hate going to the gym just to run and jump on a treadmill for hours on end and listen to boring tracks on my mp3 player.  If weight loss is to be successful, you need to find something fun that you actually enjoy doing in order to motivate you to keep working out until you have reached your goal.  For this reason, I have really got into weight loss apps and games that help you track your weight loss.  My friend sent me a link to her favorite weight loss games and she really enjoys playing the Wii fit because you have a little mini you that you get to weigh every week and see how your progress comes along.

I also recommend taking a fiber supplement to help you lose weight in addition to following the exercises suggested to you in the little weight loss apps and games that you play. I read some skinny fiber reviews online and saw that these pills can really help you lose weight steadily if you take them each day consistently and take them with a full glass of water. The pills also provide me with energy to get through the weight loss games that I do online each day. I recommend also eating snacks that are full of fiber. One pear alone contains over 4 grams of fiber which is nearly a fifth of the amount of required fiber each day in your diet. Skinny fiber pills provide you with another 2 grams of fiber and if you eat things like bran flakes or oatmeal for breakfast, you’ll be half done your fiber intake need before lunch!

Taking a lot of water each day is also essential to prevent you from getting dehydrated throughout the day. If you don’t get enough water, you can often feel lethargic and tired which will make you less likely to cook a healthy dinner or even get a run or exercise in in the evenings. Make sure you lead a healthy life in all aspects of your life in order to get the most benefits out of your new weight loss games and fun.  Skinny fiber pills are a great way to keep track of your weight loss since you know that you need to take them each day and by remembering to take the pills you’ll be more likely to remember to also do your exercises daily.

Calorie Tracking Software for the 21 Day Fix

One of the most frustrating parts of losing weight is having to count or track calories. Luckily, you don’t need to sit down with a pen and paper to track calories nowadays since we have incredible advancements in technology and you can download a number of awesome applications for your mobile or iphone in order to help you meet your daily needs.  Additionally, there are awesome software programs available for your PC such as the desktop version of Fitday calorie counter.

I’m currently on the 21 day fix extreme weight loss program that has been helping me lose weight and I use different color coded containers for the 21 day fix extreme which helps track calories in a very simple system. You use different colored containers for each food group.  Purple is for the different fruits you can eat like apples or raspberries.  Green containers are for vegetables and this container is the largest of the seven. Blue is for seeds and such or oils and fats.  Red is for protein like chicken or turkey breast and lean meats. Yellow is for healthy complex brown pasta, wholegrain rice or lentils and legumes.

Tracking calories can be difficult if you’re not accustomed to what exactly calories are. On average, you should be eating 300-350 calories per meal and having 5-6 meals a day at intervals of 3 hours. The 21 day fix extreme program is super helpful because you don’t need to use complicated fitness software to track the calories, you only need to eat the allotted number of containers per day to meet your caloric goal. Most people need to eat around 1500 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week.

If you’ve already maintained your weight and now you are simply trying to avoid gaining more weight, you might only consume 2000-2300 calories a day to maintain your new weight. It’s important to eat enough carbohydrates and not rely only on proteins if this is your new strategy. If you’re on the 21 day fix extreme program, make sure to up your containers to make sure you’re getting around 2000 calories per day for maintenance mode.

The best thing about this three week program is that calorie counting is made easy. The only problem is that keeping track of the containers per day can be a pain which is why the Beach body company has been rumored to be building an application for your phone designed to help you keep track of how many containers you are eating each day so you won’t go over your daily allotted amount. We hope to publish more information about this new upgrade once we are aware of the newest and latest software related to the 21 day fix workout program.

Tips for Weight Loss Exercise for Women

If a woman wants to be slimmer, there are some simple steps to follow. This tips are considered by most of the woman because they bring good results. This tips are as follows

Walking is one of weight loss exercise for women. This is like walking around your compound or area. During your free time, you can make it habit to go around your compound just for leisure. But it will help a lot with your body weight loss.

If you used to go shopping by bus, one can decide to take walk if it’s not along distance. Or you can walk for a short distance before you catch up a bus. Also if you’re working place you normally take a lift to climb up to your floor, you can at least give yourself some minutes and use the stairs

Take breakfast the right time.

Another tip for weight exercise loss for women is by eating the time you take your breakfast .Make sure you take your breakfast within the first 30 minutes after waking up. This will help metabolism work and it will help burn those calories in your body.

keeping good company and whom you associate with Keeping good company is another weight loss exercise for women. By socializing with positive people will help a lot. This is because they will challenge you of your body weight and that you are eating too much which is not good for your health hence not doing body exercise. The same people will give you a piece of advice on how to do away your weight.

Choose the drink to take before you take a drink first know the amount of sugar in it. This is a very good and way for weight loss in women. It is also advisable from physician that a lot of sugar is harmful to our bodies.. This can make hungry and you will find yourself taking something into your mouth.

If you have to drink make a good and better choice of the drink you will take. There are better and less calorific than other alcoholic drinks.

Those are some of the simple tips that women can follow so as to lose their is advisable to follow those tips after one decides to try this tips. This is for good results. Sometimes the results can be negative if one misses to follow the tips

My Health My Pride

What is health? What is healthy living? How do I improve my health? There are the questions we commonly ask ourselves day in day out Unlike other issues, health affects people of all ages irrespective of race, location, financial status and educational background among others. Most governments put much effort on health and health facilities. Health can be defined as the complete physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Healthy living is making choices that contribute to your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

How do I improve my health? There are various ways in which you can improve your health. One of the major ways is diet. A good diet is a balanced diet. A balanced diet consists of proteins such as meat, beans, fish and eggs, vitamins which consists of mostly fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates for example sweet potatoes, cassava, yams and whole bread. Vegetables also contain fibers which prevent constipation. Fruits should be taken before or after a meal. They promote digestion.

Water is life. You should six to eight glasses of water daily, especially early in the morning before breakfast. Water has various functions in our bodies. It hydrates our bodies and prevents our skin from dryness, makes us look younger than our age, promotes digestion among others. We also use it to maintain a good hygiene. A well-maintained hygiene is contributed not only to our physical but also emotional well-being.

When we the word exercise is mentioned the picture that comes into our minds is the gym and jogging. In addition to the two we have sports like football, basketball, swimming among others. You don’t have to be a player, you can just get into the field for fun and at the end of the day you have exercised. Exercise also helps one cut weight. You should check your weight regularly to avoid diseases like obesity and hypertension, which are prone to weight people.

How many hours do you sleep in a day? When we sleep our brains relax. This is reflected by our freshness in the morning. That awesome feeling in the morning like you can just tackle any challenge. It is recommended a minimum of eight hours of sleep in a day. Avoid also over thinking and putting too much effort to make things happen. This reduces stress which can lead to depression. Let things be as they are
Everyone has an experience with drugs either as a passive user or an active one These drugs include alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes name them. Avoid them at all costs. These drugs have long term effects like insanity and addiction. My health my pride.