Calorie Tracking Software for the 21 Day Fix

One of the most frustrating parts of losing weight is having to count or track calories. Luckily, you don’t need to sit down with a pen and paper to track calories nowadays since we have incredible advancements in technology and you can download a number of awesome applications for your mobile or iphone in order to help you meet your daily needs.  Additionally, there are awesome software programs available for your PC such as the desktop version of Fitday calorie counter.

I’m currently on the 21 day fix extreme weight loss program that has been helping me lose weight and I use different color coded containers for the 21 day fix extreme which helps track calories in a very simple system. You use different colored containers for each food group.  Purple is for the different fruits you can eat like apples or raspberries.  Green containers are for vegetables and this container is the largest of the seven. Blue is for seeds and such or oils and fats.  Red is for protein like chicken or turkey breast and lean meats. Yellow is for healthy complex brown pasta, wholegrain rice or lentils and legumes.

Tracking calories can be difficult if you’re not accustomed to what exactly calories are. On average, you should be eating 300-350 calories per meal and having 5-6 meals a day at intervals of 3 hours. The 21 day fix extreme program is super helpful because you don’t need to use complicated fitness software to track the calories, you only need to eat the allotted number of containers per day to meet your caloric goal. Most people need to eat around 1500 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week.

If you’ve already maintained your weight and now you are simply trying to avoid gaining more weight, you might only consume 2000-2300 calories a day to maintain your new weight. It’s important to eat enough carbohydrates and not rely only on proteins if this is your new strategy. If you’re on the 21 day fix extreme program, make sure to up your containers to make sure you’re getting around 2000 calories per day for maintenance mode.

The best thing about this three week program is that calorie counting is made easy. The only problem is that keeping track of the containers per day can be a pain which is why the Beach body company has been rumored to be building an application for your phone designed to help you keep track of how many containers you are eating each day so you won’t go over your daily allotted amount. We hope to publish more information about this new upgrade once we are aware of the newest and latest software related to the 21 day fix workout program.