How often do you exercise and how many calories do you burn per workout? If you don’t know the answer to this, maybe you should try changing your strategies. Luckily for you, there are new applications designed to keep you in shape by reminding you when you have or haven’t worked out.  All you need to do is set your goals for the week and how many times you want to workout.  For example, if your goal is to workout 4 times a week and do 20 minute dance sessions at a time, you can program your application to remind you on the days you have set to workout.


The app will also give you motivational and inspirational sayings to keep you encouraged even on those days you don’t want to.  The best part is that you can sync the app to go off with music you already have on your playlist and that means you need to start dancing as soon as your phone goes off.  There is even an option to disable you from being able to turn off your phone, that means you HAVE to dance even if you’re not in the mood!  Make sure you create playlists that will get you off your feet and swinging your hips away to the beat. For me, that is country music. I have loved square dancing and line dancing since I was a kid, especially with elements of tap and a touch of blues! I also use the app to track the workouts I do with the new workout program called Country Heat by Beachbody which is guaranteed to get you burning calories and sweating away!  All you need to do is workout for 28-30 minutes a day to a workout video that will teach you all the moves to make you the most popular and best dancer at the next night club you go to! Or if you are shy to dance in public, it’s the best way to shake your booty in the comfort and privacy of your living room or basement!

Using these dance apps will not only be a fun way to unlock certain features and watch your phone character slowly get in shape, but you’ll be able to keep yourself on track and not go days and weeks without exercising.  Some people have all the discipline in the world and others need that extra push and shove to really go that distance to reach their goals.  Also keep in mind that you need to have a clean diet while working out because otherwise all your progress can be undone if you wolf down an entire pizza or apple pie.  Trust me, we have all done it! But unless it is Christmas, or your birthday, try to control yourself.  Do your country dance workouts, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol unless it’s the odd glass of wine on occasion.  Push yourself and you’ll watch the calories burn away!